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Pacific Support Equipment has developed its own proprietary line of Commercial Aircraft Towbars. These towbars have been designed to follow the Aerospace specifications designated by the Aircraft manufacturers and SAE.

We have three (3) separate lines of towbars. The PSE-170 Series Towbars for the Wide Body Aircrafts like the B787, A350, etc. The PSE-190 Series Towbars for the Narrow Body Aircrafts like the B737, A320, etc. This series of towbar includes our line of "Econo-Bar" for those customers that do not need all the "Bells & Whistles". Finally the PSE-300 Series Towbars for Regional Aircrafts like the Bombardier CRJ-200, Fokker F-100, etc.

All our towbars are designed to have interchangeability of its towheads within its own series of towbars. The PSE-170 and PSE-190 series towbars have hydraulically assisted wheel assemblies while the PSE-300 series towbars have a choice of fixed or manually adjustable wheel assemblies. All our towbars come with shock absorbing toweyes and our proprietary manufactured shearpins. Our shearpins are designed, manufactured, and tested to meet the strict standards and loading of the Nose Landing Gear of each aircraft.

If you would like to download a copy of our towbar catalogues please select the following: 

       PSE Towbar Catalogue(1.5 Mb)

                            Wide Body Towbar Catalogue (1.1 Mb)          

                            Narrow Body Towbar Catalogue (1.0 Mb)

                            Regional Towbar Catalogue (0.8 Mb)

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