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Series PSE 170

The PSE-170 Series Towbar is designed to handle the forces that comes from handling the Wide Body Commercial Aircrafts. The towbars are well balanced and easy to maneuver around the ramp area with its wheels in the locked down position. The wheel assembly has a spring retraction to allow for easy lifting of the wheel assembly after hooking-up to the aircraft and tug.

The towhead mechanism engages the landing gear towing lugs and locks in place with a spring loaded retaining latch. This latch may be released by hand to disengage the Nose Landing Gear (NLG).

The towbar is designed to handle all of the aircraft listed below to the maximum allowable towing loads. Each applicable shearpin value has been calculated to protect the NLG from both towing and torque overload. A cushion swivel toweye allows attachment of the towbar to the tow vehicle hitch pin on uneven or inclined ramp surfaces.

Applicable Aircrafts:

PSE-171    B747 Aircraft                                                  PSE-176     A330/A340 Aircraft

PSE-172    B767/B777/B787 Aircraft                             PSE-177     A330/340-500/600 Aircraft

PSE-172    DC-10/MD-11/L1011 Aircraft                      PSE-178     A300 Aircraft

PSE-173    B757 Aircraft                                                  PSE-179     A380 Aircraft

PSE-174    A310 Aircraft                                                  PSE-172      A350 Aircraft


Towbar Version:


PSE-170      Universal Widebody Towbar

PSE-170H   Universal Heavy Duty Widebody Towbar


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